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At Career Shift, we start the day with great energy and valuable learning programs! Pretty soon we begin the next edition of the International Career Coaching Certification program.
Meanwhile, we come to you with Career Workshops, a series of free and practical online events, so you can benefit from a learning experience and see a preview of the tools and resources that we use în our programs.
Career Coaching Certification is a program approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with 20 CCE (Coach Continuous Education). We use international methodologies and numerous tools, so that you have the best training to become a certified Career Coach.
Why are we doing this? 
Coaching is becoming an increasingly important profession that has grown rapidly in recent years, with a global market value estimated at over $20B in 2022. At the same time, it is an indispensable skill for any conscious leader or professional.
This practice can be seen as a freelance job that will continue to grow exponentially. Or it can be considered an additional source of income (At Career Shift we believe that each of us can have 2 or even 3 careers simultaneously, at any given time).
Mihai ZANT, co-founder at Career Shift, accredited coach ICF PCC, former Board Member ICF Romania, lector in the Business Coaching Diploma PriceWaterHouseCoopers, is inviting you to this event, with useful information, valuable resources and he can’t wait to answer to all your questions.

If you also feel that your current or future coaching business could use a powerful boost, you are in the right place. Go ahead and register for the free training, watch it and advance your evolution as a coach.

About Career Coaching Certification

Iuliana Dinea
Iuliana DineaCareer Coach
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"I am proud to call myself a Career Coach after getting the Certification with the amazing coaches, mentors, and trainers from Career Shift: Cristina Chis, Mihai Zant, and Viorel Bucur. It was an amazing journey together with them and my peers, where I learned a lot, faced most of my saboteurs and fears, was challenged as a professional and a coach, and realized again and again that everything is a matter of mindset. This program is all about mindset, with a coaching approach and, at the same, very pragmatic, efficient, powerful tools, instruments, and practices. I totally recommend investing in this program for personal and professional development. It absolutely pays off"
Catalina Dragoselea
Catalina DragoseleaCareer Coach
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"For me, Career Coaching Certification was more than a certification program, it was a path breaker and the place where I gained more confidence in myself. It was a great network opportunity and a great experience, challenging at times, but rewarding. I loved the energy that Mihai, Cristina and Viorel exuded at each meeting and the way they approached each topic. Most of all, I appreciate that the program was not just theory based and I could apply on myself everything I learned and then apply it with my clients. "
Mircea Ilie
Mircea IlieCareer Coach
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"This program brought them all: new tools to integrate in my "arsenal", a great package for clients, clarity on this niche. Lots of questions to think about, to answer myself and to ask my future clients. Last, but not least, the community: great colleagues and trainers, great connections for the future."