About us

Our Vision: Lifelong Meaningful & Impactful CareerS for every person!

Who are we?

We are trainers and coaches by vocation and profession. For many years, we have been supporting people through life and career changes. We’ve noticed more and more people telling us they feel lost at work, frequently faced with rapid change and not knowing where to turn or how to reach new meaning.

We have found that for all of us going through such challenging transitions, there is a need for a collective support ecosystem to guide us through all these times in our professional lives when we are searching for our authentic mission.

We wanted to create a safe space where change can happen.

Thus the SHIFTers community was born.

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

We at Career Shift believe that in your career, as in life, no one can tell you what to do.

It’s best to find out for yourself!

That is why this requires professional guidance. With people who know what they are doing, who can challenge you and help you enter into a structured introspection, you will be able to extract your own solution – adapted to your personality, your abilities and your area of genius.


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